Tom Hiddleston at TIFF 2013 on September 5, 2013 by jdemille

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Do you ever just wish you could unmeet someone? like maybe they were great up first, or even for awhile. But then they cause you so much pain and sadness that it wasn’t even worth the good times. So now they’re just stuck in your life, in your fuckin thoughts. You want them out but nope, forever they’ll be part of you.

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baby: A-a
mom: Apple? Say apple.
baby: *jumps*


have you ever had a friend who is literally like your soul mate but like in a friendship way like you are so compatible and perfect for each other 


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All hail the reigning queens of 2014

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The End of War

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Blu spy is also badass 三ε:)


I’ve had this idea in my head for a while but Matador Spy? The BLU Version looks neater. 

I have no idea what his other weapons would be but for this not only would he have a literal invisibility cloak but it would double as a sapper that can distract sentries with the enemy team color for a little while before sapping them but you have to stick around until the building(s) are destroyed in order to have your cloak back idek this is stupid. 

Bonus Bull Engie (he’s Texan it totally makes sense)



I can’t decide who’s more adorable.

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